THRIVE - 4 Bedroom + 1BQ Semidetached Duplex



In the design of our Thrive (Semi Detached) series, our objective is providing you with a super-sized home that gives you the luxury of expressing more of your personality and style with diverse interior design options.

From small to large sized families, conservative to expressive forms of style, the Thrive delivers on aesthetics, luxury and style externally and internally. Comprising majorly of elaborate yet simple lines and form, the Thrive puts up a solid, sturdy and extremely contemporary look that exudes a super-luxurious appeal.

Boasting of an opulent Master-Bedroom/Closet measuring an astounding 41sqm , an expansive Kitchen (every food lover's delight), a roomy Family Lounge together with large En-suite Bedrooms, the Thrive is sure to satisfy you with its “ palatial” feel and experience.

If generous and expansive spaces define your idea and requirement of the “Ideal” home, we have made certain that the Thrive delivers all the luxury and comfort you and family rightly deserve.

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Design Schemes

The Thrive House Type distinguishes itself by being super luxe with generous and fully functional spaces. The Thrive Scheme 1 especially resonates with this theme. It boasts of luscious generous spaces that are well laid out, with additional spaces such a cozy reading nook(within the living room), box room(within the family lounge) and the pantry(within the kitchen). A tour within this home delivers a minimalistic and classy lifestyle with options to truly live it up!


Luxury is not just about aesthetics, but about comfort too. It is not everyday we see an exquisitely designed interior space that uses reserved colours and shades in its taste, and yet still hold enough visual interest while ultimately delivering great comfort to the user. This is exactly what our design team has been able to achieve in the Thrive Scheme 2 series. From the choice of colours and textures to the interrelationship between the elements in the spaces, this home is one that would peak the excitement of any homeowner.