TANGO - 2 Bedroom Apartment



Designed as an enclave for the typical small family, young couple and upwardly mobile individual (UMI),the Tango offers ample spaces that accommodate diverse interior designs while also allowing for flexibility in luxurious contemporary finishing.

Be it the classic Living Room/Dining style of design and finish to the American-styled open-plan Living Room/Dining/Kitchen combo, the Tango accommodates varied expressions of moods, styles and design creating the perception of massive spaces for an apartment of its size.

Its bedrooms do not disappoint as they provide over-the-top natural lighting and ventilation forcing energy savings in its non-dependence on the artificial forms of same.

The Tango offers great ambience of space and versatility in design options of its interior spaces whilst ensuring comfort, satisfaction and well-being of its occupants, thus, leaving an indelible warm impression of the Home it truly is.

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Design Schemes

The Tango unit is a reflection of the urban taste trend which captures the essence of city living with youthful flair and pace. The spaces are awash with au courant decor pieces, giving a distinct character to this lovely 2-bedroom home. This 120sqm apartment is zoned for privacy with two standard size bedrooms all ensuite; all generously laid out on one floor.


The business professional and the entrepreneur have one thing in common; they’re idea-boomers who need ample space for their creative and ingenious ideas! An in-depth understanding of the creative process would prove that indeed, a creator’s mind must not be boggled with mundane concerns and elements. It is fascinatingly similar to Ideas flowing freely like the undisturbed waters in a sparkly river, gently grazing the stone pebbles on the river banks of thought. The Tango Design Scheme 2 deeply understands this process. With minimalism and generous touches of colours and textures, it has been cleverly designed to mimic the thoughts of the idea-boomer!