ROYAL - 4 Bedroom + 1BQ Fully Detached Duplex



Our Royal series is a classic archetype of stellar contemporary architecture that lives up to its name.

As our most luxurious house type, it delivers functional internal spaces desirous of the individual or family whose preference is to own a home with vast spaces within an independent compound.

Speaking of luxurious spaces, the Royal makes envious all other homes in our lineup with its spaces incomparable in size with homes within the same category. With a Master Bedroom/Closet at an astonishing 52sqm, kitchen at very sizeable 24sqm and Living Room/Dining amply carved at 40sqm, it is the Ultimate home which naira-for-naira is an irresistible offering worth its bargain!

The Royal is poised to have you relishing the sight of immense spaces within its beautifully design exteriors. It is our true delight to have YOU savour the feeling of owning this super-size allotment of Royalty.

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Design Schemes

Trying to pinpoint what sets the Royal series Scheme 1 apart from the rest of the scheme is a challenge! This is because everything - literally everything is different about this home. From the colour palettes to the choice of furniture and even down to the little elements like the rug pattern - the sense of richness and opulence echoes throughout the entire design. Traditionalist, yet intense textures were introduced to further enhance the character of the home. The result is an array of calmly expressive spaces that do not scream “colours!” but sure command a certain persona that will make any designer proud. If there ever was a quintessential kind of home, this would be it; one that possesses a conservatively rich aura, yet so very appealingly modern to the contemporary mind! The regal nature of the Royal Design Scheme series are reflected in the expansive overflowing-with-goodness spaces. With ventilation and natural lighting from all sides of the building, the ambiance within this unique house type is resplendent and luxurious.


Royal Design Scheme 2 has a quintessential feel about it; a flawless and impeccable atmosphere pervades every space from ground to upper floor. It is what Hollywood dreams are made of - a relaxing open floor layout drooling in grandeur, furniture pieces that turn heads, and the desire to hang up an art frame that says “EAT.PRAY.LOVE” on the kitchen wall. The flow of the layout is almost seamless and thorough - catering to the needs of all members of the Family - Adults and kids alike!


Our Pledge to YOU

Here at the Nest Homes, we place very strong emphasis on providing homes that are a match with all you desire of your Dream Home. Our Interior design Ideas (displayed above) are purposefully crafted to provide you with a HOME that matches your preferred style, space by space from the Living room through to the dining, kitchen, family lounge, bedrooms and then to the bathrooms.

Browse through unique Design Schemes of our Housetypes and decide which best suits your unique needs, taste and preferences. Afterall, the Home you decide to own should be a reflection of YOU. If you are going to get a Home, ponder on these important questions:

  • Why own a home that isn’t built to your taste?
  • Why throw good money away trying to retrofit the house you just bought?
  • Doesn’t it make sense if you got the home delivered your way, your style and to your taste the first time?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to put all that money you would have expended/wasted retrofitting the house to better use?
  • Doesn’t it just make sense to have your dream Home delivered to you spanking New?
  • Doesn’t it make sense we serve you the right way? We are eager to serve to YOU the Home of your Dreams.

That’s not all! Take advantage of our Comprehensive Interior Package which is all yours for FREE when you buy your Dream Home from us. Owning a Home never felt more stress-free. You see, we know the many problems you are worried about and our promise to you is this…. “We have your best interest at heart”. At the bottom of it all, an assurance and a peace of mind in safeguarding your investment is what we pledge to deliver to YOU. Why not drop us a small note so we guide you through this important investment you are set to make?

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