DESIRE - 1 Bedroom Apartment



Essentially crafted for young professionals in their early careers, the Desire does very well to cater for the needs of its occupant(s), most of who may choose to live independently or with a cohabiter within its spaces which are carefully designed to promote contemporary and trendy finishing.

The Apartment equally appeals well to the established Professional, deep into their careers as well as young executives who love the comfort of a cozy and compact apartment.

The retiree who loves simplicity of spaces enhanced by orderliness and flexibility of compact designs would also consider the Apartment a must-have.

The Desire has its spaces masterfully designed for flexibility in achieving diverse options for finishing either as a 1-Bedroom Apartment or expansive Studio Apartment.

With this alluring home, it goes beyond any doubt in proving that “Big things do come in small packages”.

You are assured to never fall out of Love with the Desire giving you so much more value than its money worth.

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Design Schemes

The DESIRE series is a 1-bedroom Apartment measuring 86sqm in floor area. Typically designed as a single-person dwelling apartment, it is also flexible to serve as a comfortable home for a very small family (A couple with a kid) Its uniqueness lies in its compact yet effective spaces that are very capable of satisfying the spatial needs of the end-user. The Design Scheme 1 (DS1) of a 1-Bedroom Apartment is laid out beautifully in the image below and comprises of the following spaces.


The concept for this Interior design scheme revolves around the individual with a preference for a 1 Bedroom Apartment. The spaces provided by this 86sqm apartment exude the feeling of luxury. From the well-defined sitting room with attached dining area to the open kitchen, the see-through cozy bedroom section and the nicely tucked away guest toilet, this apartment is a potential magnet for seekers of openness, warmth and coziness. With an ambience that is open and inviting, the apartment portrays fluidity as one space flows seamlessly into the other and without barriers – The Ultimate bachelor pad!


This unique one bedroom apartment offers you privacy yet without feeling closed out. The design scheme is suited for a small family of grown-ups and has an interesting arrangement of spaces. The dining area is zoned to the far end of the space and could double as a study. A spacious kitchen, quite remarkable for a 1-Bedroom apartment is zoned to the far corner of the apartment and as such, the options for storage and organization are plentiful. Let's take a tour!


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