BLOSSOM - 3 Bedroom + 1BQ Terrace Duplex





To mature or develop in a promising way


A Home that evolves around YOU. A Home that reflects an openness and willingness to embrace “The New”. How about a Home that allows you to express your growing taste for flourish interiors and styles; that which reflects your personality.


Why settle for less when you can have more? You are in search of a Home that is not going to be too large yet has efficient spaces that take care of all your spatial needs, aren’t you?

The 3-Bedroom + 1 BQ Terrace Duplex is designed to adapt to a wide range of interior schemes; classic and american (open) styled.

Blossom offers way more luxury than you may imagine for a Home its size! Have an enticing preview of the coziness built into the design of this Home in the side-bar video!


Elegant, Modern and Stylish are a few words that describe our terrace series. Standing boldly with strong defining lines, the Blossom is a beautiful expression of contemporary architecture and is comprised of the following.

  • 1 expansive Living Room and Dining
  • A large kitchen (Every woman’s desire)
  • A Family Living Room
  • 3 spacious En-suite Bedrooms (Inclusive of a grand Masters’ Bedroom)
  • 1 Maid’s Room (En-suite)

The design of Blossom with its generous internal spaces, is quite unlike similar homes of its kind. Our approach in achieving its lush spaces was made possible using a function-comfort based approach in design. Critically speaking, the provision of generous natural lighting and ventilation is purposeful towards enhancing better living experience and comfort of its occupants.

The Blossom offers the best combo of apartment size, architectural aesthetics, flexibility in planning of interior spaces and cost (affordability) making it a sure favourite as a MUST-OWN for YOU and Family.

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Design Schemes

What do you do with 228sqm of space, a love for zazzy serenity and a penchant for free unrestrained interconnectivity of spaces? You let your creativity blossom! The spaces in this 3 bedroom + 1 BQ Home were cleverly designed to flow into each other seamlessly, in a way that would feel open. This continuity is experienced from the larger elements (such as walls and furniture) down to the very little things (like throw pillows or picture frame colours). It’s brilliant! The minimalism in the design is evident, especially in the positioning of the staircase (away from the main living area) and the genius introduction of a mini-study area right next to the stairwell, giving the homeowner much needed privacy for home-office work.


It’s undisputed that grand style entertaining needs a grand style welcoming. The Scheme 2 (DS2) of the BLOSSOM series was designed for just this reason. This 3-bedroom + 1B.Q Home especially suits the bold and free-spirited! In this scheme, much more emphasis was laid on the visual stun created by a calculated positioning and interplay of various elements and colours. In this space, there is an inconspicuous retro appeal, but with an undeniable modern twist to it. The textures, the colour tones, the interplay of shadows and lighting - These were all brilliant tools employed by our designers to make this home that you can hardly resist falling in love with. Oh it’s a work of art! (we must confess)


The Third Design Scheme of the Blossom house type is one that perfectly suites the pristine and organized nature of a reserved family: One that is strong in character as reflected in style, spatial flow and uniquely marked-out spaces as precisely demonstrated by this design scheme. Blossom DS3, thus, certainly revolves around reserved opulence, an atmosphere of warmth with an eye for that “old money” style with “new money” taste. The key to this concept is that the home as a haven should enhance the feeling of liveliness as reflected in the select choice of bold compelling furniture pieces strategically positioned within.


Our Pledge to YOU

Here at the Nest Homes, we place very strong emphasis on providing homes that are a match with all you desire of your Dream Home. Our Interior design Ideas (displayed above) are purposefully crafted to provide you with a HOME that matches your preferred style, space by space from the Living room through to the dining, kitchen, family lounge, bedrooms and then to the bathrooms.

Browse through unique Design Schemes of our Housetypes and decide which best suits your unique needs, taste and preferences. Afterall, the Home you decide to own should be a reflection of YOU. If you are going to get a Home, ponder on these important questions:

  • Why own a home that isn’t built to your taste?
  • Why throw good money away trying to retrofit the house you just bought?
  • Doesn’t it make sense if you got the home delivered your way, your style and to your taste the first time?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to put all that money you would have expended/wasted retrofitting the house to better use?
  • Doesn’t it just make sense to have your dream Home delivered to you spanking New?
  • Doesn’t it make sense we serve you the right way? We are eager to serve to YOU the Home of your Dreams.

That’s not all! Take advantage of our Comprehensive Interior Package which is all yours for FREE when you buy your Dream Home from us. Owning a Home never felt more stress-free. You see, we know the many problems you are worried about and our promise to you is this…. “We have your best interest at heart”. At the bottom of it all, an assurance and a peace of mind in safeguarding your investment is what we pledge to deliver to YOU. Why not drop us a small note so we guide you through this important investment you are set to make?

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