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Thrive - 4 Bedroom with 1B.Q. Semidetached Duplex - Design Scheme 3

  • Nest Admin
  • 30 July 2019

THRIVE – 4 Bedroom + 1B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

Design Scheme 3 [DS3]

If you have a small family, have quite an expensive taste with a love for some quality me-time, then the Thrive Design Scheme 3 might just be for you. 

What easily stands out in this Thrive Scheme is the emphasis on large, opulent spaces  that look and feel like Cloud7 hotel lobbies - the generous display of artworks along these spaces do well to highlight that feeling. In a way, we consider the scheme 3 a special edition, because of the spatial flow and arrangement; and we are sure you’ll understand why after a tour of this home. Read on!

The entrance into Thrive DS3 is like a sizzling walk-through; the anteroom with the art gallery-like effect and the wall of books take into consideration how important it is to always make a good first impression. This is a home for forward-thinkers and lovers of creativity, and it is laid out generously on two floor levels.


House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

Before we go into the decor that truly sets this home apart, let’s first take in the functionality of the floor plans.  Immediately you step into this home, you are met with a very independent anteroom, such that it is secluded from the living area. This comes in very handy when you want to quickly entertain a guest but are reluctant to let him into the main living area. Right from the anteroom, the visitor has access to the visitor’s restroom. A private entertainment is key here. 

House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

Circulation within the ground floor spaces is fluid; making each space individual. Privacy is the concept here. 

From this view, you can see that moving out of the anteroom, you’re met with a clear, uninterrupted lobby that gives you access to the living room, dining room, and the kitchen (with store and pantry). The spaces here are elegant in their distribution and flow. 

House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

The en-suite guest bedroom (top left) is not too far off and is perfect for the occasional guest that sleeps over. It can also easily double as the live-in maid’s room. The access to the upper floor is through the stair case located right across the dining area and it provides direct access to the family lounge located upstairs.

House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

A cursory look at the first floor plan draws the eye tothe staircase which leads you right into the family lounge. On one side of thefamily lounge, is an uncommon yet skillfully crafted studio space while on theother side is the tastefully styled master bedroom which you’d be reading moreon later in the article. 

House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

On the upper floor, the studio arrangement probably steals the attention. Originally designed to accommodate bedrooms, its merger into one space almost creates “a home within a home” for the teenager or young adult whom the parents have purposely chosen this unique layout for. It’s simply a whole new level. 

House Type – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semidetached Duplex

With its characteristic “airiness” and “expansiveness”, predominant on the first floor as seen above, the Thrive Scheme 3 offers itself as the perfect home for a small-sized family with an obsession for space.

The anteroom view shown above almost feels like an art gallery, with the shelved book adds personality to an otherwise minimalist design. The off-white walls are adorned with beautiful pieces of art, and the tall shelving is for storage and display. Lighting plays a key role in this room by giving it the desired welcoming mood. Notice how the lights and shadows bounce around to give a certain curious suspense to what lies beyond the ante-room. 

The shelving unit is a great way to display your rich collection of books and easily keeps the guest entertained as you make small talk about your favourite books of all time. The vase adds some electric character to this room and the ceiling downlights do well to make sure the beautifully framed photographs on the wall do not go unnoticed. 

This living room oozes relaxation and intimate get-togethers, as a hub of activities in the home. The ceiling is peppered with spot and recessed lighting which gives off a center-stage vibe, and the arrangement of the unique light grey sofa is enhanced by the strong zig-zag lines of the throw pillows. The dark grey plush center rug feels whimsical alongside the beige flooring. 

From here, the TV wall and console in light wood matches the wall of books making the ambience homely, while the potted plant adds a touch of nature to the space. The calm sophistication of this living room is hugely appealing.

The art gallery feel continues in the secluded dining area which is elegant in its simplicity; the uncluttered look with a spattering of artistic elements, has it looking very clean and sleek. The minimalist look is maintained with the white colour palette of the walls and the exotic look of the dining table set with the Eiffel shell chair. The large windows generously throw in light to the dining area. The light drapery is there to soften any harsh rays of sunlight. The ceiling downlights are a subtle contrast to the warm hues of sunlight. 

White conveys minimalism easily as it immediately feels clean and simple but to give it an earthy feel, base cabinets of this U-shaped kitchen is finished in light wood. The overall effect is refinement and class. The open shelved light wood cubby recess (at the far right) provides extra storage and a nifty work environment for the ‘maggi kitchen mama’.

Placing an ottoman at the foot of a bed is so high-end and chic; this happens only in master bedrooms with enough floor space. The extra layer of rug after the ottoman will make a good spot for an interesting workout in front of the TV. A man-cave can be easily made out of this space.


The TV console unit in the dual tone woodwork is a unique piece and its position off the wall and almost mid center is striking. The comfortable reading area with shelving and drawers for storage and display offers a place for easy relaxation and quiet study.

The polished light cherry wood master closet spanning from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling is a grand affair; the dresser tucked in at the middle is in white for good reason - to break the monotony of the cherry wood wardrobe ensemble. The mirror is centralized in such a way that you can easily check out your outfit in the closet walkway; no more struggling in tight corners to get a full view.

The master bathroom is like a soothing paradise; very pleasing and calming to the eye. The simplistic lines in this bathroom make for a clean environment and an uncluttered space, perfect for starting the day with a clear head, or to unwind in before sleep.

Inside the second bedroom (studio apartment), the space is divided into two sections - a small living area (the studio Lounge) and a very comfy sleeping area (the studio bedroom). There is the barest of visual barriers between the two spaces. The use of a white palette is a good tactic in any studio style. 

Long oval mirror, beautiful wall painting and picture frames enhance each section and the simple chaise lounge and sleek diner add extra comfort and style. This whole space speaks of very high taste in interior decor, and also an inclination towards minimalism. It speaks volumes of the homeowner.

The atmosphere in this section of the sleeping section is Zen, especially with the patterned multi-coloured rug featured in the two divides. 

The light wood that makes up the bed platform and wardrobe unit is especially complementary to the overall white theme. The light drapery is a gentle fluster to the strong lines of the center rug. The decor item choices are elegant and confident, much like the owner of this beautiful home.

Does the sheer elegance of the THRIVE Design Scheme 3 appeal to you? Did it’s Home-within-a-Home studio space, though uncommon, strike you as a Nice-to-have?What more would you have desired of its space(s) to make it more personal and customized for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing well-being, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside from the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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