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Tango - 2 Bedroom Apartment - Design Scheme 6

  • Nest Admin
  • 05 January 2020

TANGO – 2 Bedroom Apartment

Design Scheme 6 [DS6]

The 2 Bedroom "Tango" Design Scheme 6 is sure to appeal to the family with a penchant for an open-plan cum modern decor styled apartment. One that conveys a feeling on expansiveness and does great in showing off its carefully laid out furniture arrangement and interior design and by so doing, projects a heartwarming, welcoming ambiance to both family and visitor alike. The general sense of style and modernity in this home is consistent all through its spaces. 


House Type – 2 Bedroom Apartment

The design of the Apartment shows the home in its entirety, all laid out on a single floor level. There is a grand persona the home exudes as soon as you walk through the front door - revealing a large, generous space. The transition from space to space in this view is striking and harmonious; from the openness of the living room and kitchen-dining combo to the privacy of the rooms.

The beauty of this design scheme is reflected in how functional the spaces are. The wall recess/nook is put to good use by turning it into a home work-space with a bespoke computer desk and bookshelves wedged to bridge the gap. The second image shows the dining-kitchen combo which is to the left of the living area; the legs of the dining chairs look springy and so chic with the russet seat backs matching nicely with the top-hung cabinet overlooking the dining table.

The TV wall with the white console at the bottom is so minimal and is therefore enhanced with the wall adornments round about the TV. The multi-coloured throw-pillows equally enhance the crisp white sofas with the austere wooden side stools giving the setting an eccentric vibe.

The L-shaped kitchen with a marble-top dining extension provide a casual spot to eat, sit and chat to the cook. The wavy patterns on the kitchen back splash is fresh and contemporary which compliments the beige flooring.

The view of the living room from the kitchen is such an interesting eye-full; the earth tones of the kitchen cabinets and dining chairs match the nifty "home-office" furniture and open shelving. The white open shelving in the kitchen upper cabinet on the far right is a refreshing break from the natural wooden accents ensemble.

This master bedroom glows in muted hues, especially with the dreamy chiffon curtains that let in just the right amount of light. The cute floating wood dresser with large mirror and the dreamy center rug are some little quirks that make this bedroom impressive and magnificent.

The monochromatic art in the wall frames of the Master Bedroom add some needed spark to the space; the wardrobe unit with an extension for a wall hung TV with console is simple and yet apt for the space. The muted hues of various shades in this master bedroom gives a cool and calm effect.

This room can easily double as a children’s bedroom or a guest bedroom because of its mature look; the only element of child decor being the teddy bear. The TV wall with the lower and upper shelving is useful for storage and display and the wardrobe unit beside it is an absolute necessity. The wooden ledge in two steps hanging on the wall is quite stylish and functional.

The design of the bedroom shows that it is a great idea to future proof your child’s bedroom which can be transformed easily into a more mature space as the child grows. The dash of colours is strategic and the plain deep brown plush rug keeps the room warm and cozy.

There is so much about the Tango scheme 6 that appeals so much to the sociable family. Perhaps it’s the large interconnecting entertaining area. Perhaps it’s the exciting choice of colours.....or maybe it is the sincere openness of it all. For you, it could be the potential it offers to be a place you can truly feel comfortable in.

Why not drop a comment on what appeals to you the most in the Tango Scheme 6.  Leave a comment below!

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