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Tango - 2 Bedroom Apartment - Design Scheme 5

  • Nest Admin
  • 10 June 2019

TANGO – 2 Bedroom Apartment

Design Scheme 5 [DS5]

The Tango Design Scheme 5 is the perfect home for a close-knit small nuclear family with young children. The interior layout reflects their family bond, the room placements make it easy to keep an eye on the kids, and the colour choices stimulate orderliness in this creative "den".    

The living area extends into the open plan kitchen with minimal visual obstruction and the two bedrooms which share a common bathroom is economical and cost-cum-energy-saving. 

                   DESIGN SCHEME 5
                   (FLOOR PLAN)
                     House Type – 2 Bedroom Apartment


House Type – 2 Bedroom Apartment

From the entrance door, there is a sectioned sitting area bounded on one side by the wood-slats styled room divider; this is both classy and homey. The upholstery introduces a much-desired coziness into the space; this is a living room the kids would love to come home to after a long day at school. The Tango Design Scheme 5 leaves no stones unturned in catering for its homeowners. The circulation within this lovely home is clear and seamless, making it easy to navigate, even for physically-challenged persons. This makes Tango Scheme 5 the best option for the individual who has a peculiar concern regarding movement and navigation.

This first view of the home at the point of entry looks divine especially the duo-toned open shelved wall unit and the butterfly wall paintings. The colours add much vibrancy into this living room, while the warm tones of the wood and velvet add a strong mature touch that would appeal to older persons. 

 The wooden slats divider seems to mimic the flow of the drapes across the sliding door and their light wood textures warms up the divine look. The white centre table is a priceless interior find; it adds a classy flair to the room, but still sturdy enough for the often unpredictable escapades of the little kids.

The colour combo of the TV wall and the light wood coloured recess (which matches the wooden room divider) is brilliant; the way colours pop subtly within the entire space makes the ambiance a very lovely and uplifting one.

A stylish cozy tea party arrangement is partially hidden by the wood-slats room divider. Privacy is the key word when there’s business to discuss while the kids watch an episode of Spongebob on TV. When not in use by the adults, this “private” area doubles as a creative den for the kids and with the open shelved cabinetry tucked neatly into a niche, it makes for a great place to hang out and keep their play items.

The pop of blue in the couches and the beautifully patterned center rug is so appealing and adds a modern flair to the dining-kitchen combo. The unique arrangement is both vibrant and dynamic; it will almost never be out of fashion.    

In this open plan kitchen, the light wood theme from the living area flows into the kitchen area; the open-shelved cabinetry combined with white slab fronts brings about harmony and a charming sense of order. The warm lines of the recessed ceiling lighting create a sense of harmony, tying the different spaces with a single theme. 

The kitchen island with marble top and sides lined with the white Eiffel chairs is best described as sleek and chic. On the far end, there is ample storage space for laundry as well as other items. The cabinetry keeps the room clean, orderly, beautiful and very appealing. 

The kitchen works great as a quick breakfast spot. You can easily imagine the kids having a bowl of cereal here right before leaving for school.

In the master bedroom, a rich chocolate bed and padded headboard design is set on top of a rich chocolate bedroom rug. The wall art pieces in colour and monochrome with the planting (in a white vase) by the corner softly punctuates the setting.

The rich chocolate of the rug and bed gives a solid base to this master bedroom while the off-white walls with the white drapes pooling at the window maintain a dreamy breezy feel ensuring you’re relaxed while you’re tucked in. 

The light wood reading table with the zebra striped chair is an interesting piece that just matches the space. The duo-toned wardrobe unit which also houses the TV is a good and functional approach. Who wouldn`t love a bedroom that affords the flexibility of catching that favourite sitcom on TV while laying in bed or from the cozy angle of the reading table?

The light wood continues in the master bathroom; the open shelving atop the toilet vanity wall is a cool detail that warms the space. The black profile of the shower cubicle is bold and contrasts with the overall beige and wood theme.

In this amazing children`s bedroom, a kid’s desk was incorporated which can be used for arts and crafts, then for homework as they grow. The orientation of the room also allows for easy re-arrangement as there comes a need to redecorate as they grow older. This is the kind of flexibility that all our design schemes offer!

The storage solutions here are stupendous, even a child can learn organization early. The colours are ever so vibrant, while soft edges  and textures always ensure your child is cozied up at all times.

Teddy bears, colourful wall art, large strips on the floor mat make this bedroom a child’s haven with all their favorite things neatly kept in the toy box (when not in use). The decor keeps them mentally motivated while you get some private time on a lovely afternoon. The platform bed set on the multi-coloured striped rug will motivate and encourage bedtime quickly. The large wall mural of KungFu Panda keeps the imagination alive!

There is so much baked into the 120 sqm space of this unique Tango scheme 5 that is sure to makes it a delight for your small family.

If you had a small family and were looking up options for a perfect fitting apartment, would this design be SPOT ON for you? Do leave a comment below!

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing well-being, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside from the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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