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Design Scheme 2

  • Nest Admin
  • 19 January 2019

ROYAL – 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Fully Detached Duplex

Design Scheme 2 [DS2]

Royal Design Scheme 2 has a quintessential feel about it; a flawless and impeccable atmosphere pervades every space from ground to upper floor. It is what Hollywood dreams are made of - a relaxing open floor layout drooling in grandeur, furniture pieces that turn heads, and the desire to hang up an art frame that says “EAT.PRAY.LOVE” on the kitchen wall.

The flow of the layout is almost seamless and thorough - catering to the needs of all members of the Family - Adults and kids alike! 

House Type – 4Bedroom + 1B.Q. Fully Detached Duplex

The floor plans are just beautiful, and a great way to candidly appreciate the magnificence of what has been done with this design scheme. The interrelation of the spaces is more pronounced here. You can see how the ante room flows gracefully into the living room, music playing on the piano gives the atmosphere a pristine feel.

The dining overlooks the generous play area with the Guest Bedroom not too far off. The kitchen comes second in size only when compared to the living room - it is massive! 

House Type – 4Bedroom + 1B.Q. Fully Detached Duplex

The living room and kiddie’s zone are side by side on the ground floor, separated by a wall to ensure the kids are closely monitored while they play. The dining area is by the corner, open to the music from the living room and drawing everyone together. It’s a modern family affair right here!

House Type – 4Bedroom + 1B.Q. Fully Detached Duplex

Getting to the cut plane view of the upper floor, the wood flooring of the bedrooms is enhanced by the plush rugs at the center of each bedroom, and the dash of colours in different sections (the blue sofa of the family lounge, potted plants, e.t.c.) add to the beauty of this amazing layout.

The living room decor is a personal favourite and has an undeniable “wow” effect. There is a unique harmony of shapes and colours in this cool and breezy living room and the blue sofa spotted with a mix of blue and white throw pillows is a subtle detail. The lustre of the white circular coffee table on the circular rug contrasts beautifully with the black hues of the grand piano and its unique mustard green bench stool. The wood TV wall and console leaves you basking in a warm glow.

The feature wall in the dining is elegantly designed with warm wooden panels - the warmth spreading out from the wall surface visually expands the warm ambiance of the room. The dramatic lighting created by the spotlights excellently accentuates this tasteful finish. The choice of wood is consistent throughout the entire space; you can see how the same choice of wood grain and colour is used on the TV wall, creating a unique symmetry and balance with the beige floor. It feels light, airy, and open especially with its use of the sleek black and white dining set.

There is a complete transformation of this kitchen with a simple addition of tone. The plain white cabinet blended with the wood tones of the open shelves is sheer genius. The exquisite taste in choice of finish is so evident in this kitchen!

Here comes the playroom! The colorful rug creates this visual feeling of being outdoors on lush grass - pretty colourful patterns emulate the reds of roses and blues of violets.  The open shelved wall unit with side drawers will be a great attraction for children and will keep them busy for the nanny to catch a breath! But who says the playroom can’t have taste? Clearly not our designers because the array of graceful vases and beautiful lampshade on the contemporary shelf speak volumes about the affluence of this particular home. The framed bambi on the wall is just as colourful as vibrant as the child’s mind. The playroom is just in order to receive the star child!

Lean back and take this all in! This looks like a master bedroom that has the greatest collection of Frank Sinatra playing in the background. The muted red accent wall just sets the right tone for romance, afterall the bedroom is a place to relax, to be pampered, and to be romantic. The unique furniture pieces mostly in accents of grey and the array of wall painting takes the glamour in this room to a whole new level. The flowing curtains/drapes is the right touch of exotic and the white cubbies bordered by wood tones helps the space to pop! You can almost hear Sinatra singing away now “I’ve got the world on a string” - and oh the bedroom agrees as its curtains lightly sway to the rhythm.


But that’s not all. Take a look at this side of the master bedroom.  It’s so large we need a panoramic view to take it all in at once! The TV wall of this master bedroom is bare and minimal; simple, yet sophisticated. The walk-in closet is just glamorous! Bathed in heavy wood all round, with a warm rich tone, it almost seems like you’re going into a whole new room!  And oh look at the grey ottoman, doesn’t it just add the master touch to this bedroom?

The atmosphere in this master bathroom is akin to the spa experience. The wall unit which houses the expansive wash hand basin is a practical and functional utility approach. The choice of carrara marble plays out beautifully on the walls and floors. A dramatic break in the flow is introduced in the bath area, while still keeping the carrara pattern. This is evidently the work of a seasoned designer!

This bedroom is filled with warmth and comfort; this is created with the application of textures and layering - the bedcovers and plush rug, e.t.c. The two toned wardrobe area is functionality at its best, everything is within reach. This cozy bedroom provides a private sanctuary in which to unwind and recharge. The beautiful wall art is a unique feature that enhances the entire coziness of the space. This is a home for the tasteful mind!

The passion for detailed design translated into the Royal Scheme 1 can easily be seen in how our design team laid out the spaces and in the choice of the interior elements. There is a satisfaction in just looking at the spaces and appreciating the masterpiece that is the Royal Design Scheme 1.

What do you think about the Royal Scheme 2 design?

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you see your family loving this architectural masterpiece?

Tell us in the comments below!

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