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Desire - 1 Bedroom Apartment - Design Scheme 5

  • Nest Admin
  • 13 December 2019

DESIRE – 1 Bedroom Apartment

Design Scheme 5 [DS5]

The 1-Bedroom "Desire" Design Scheme 5 is a plush display of elegance for the Upwardly Mobile Individual. A scheme birthed with a lovely arrangement that celebrates each space in such a unique and defined way; one with a homely feel and functionality that is unparalleled. 

House Type – 1 Bedroom Apartment

House Type – 1 Bedroom Apartment

The living room with the attached high level diner is chic and appealing, opening into a modern kitchen arrangement. The bedroom on the left is completely private and secluded. It is designed to be a zone for rest and also catching up on work/study with minimal distraction.

The use of white walls and colourful furnishings in this living room creates a light and airy ambiance. The open flow of the space is preserved even with the marked separation of the sitting area from the dining section with the pale brown area rug.

The ceiling niches in a row of three is dramatic and creates a tranquil atmosphere which complements the sense of order exuded. The warm and earthy brown colour of the woodwork interspersed with white is nifty and sleek with the ceiling to floor drop of the windows drapes completing the elegant and roomier feel.

In this combination of a living and dining room without any visual barrier, there is a  clever use of the space with the additional storage arrangements around the dining section. The use of a subtle colorful accents and sleek furniture keeps this living room modern and suave.

The TV wall with the console and wooden ledges above TV is unique and a strong focal point in this living room, the seating arrangement also helps to define the open space. 

This galley-style kitchen allowed sufficient cabinetry to be squeezed into a narrow lane of culinary space which opens into the larger open plan living space. This is clever and functional and makes the mix of private and public possible.

Just a small feature wall, this wall clock detail with potted plants on ledges, can transform the look of a room totally. Also the duo-toned wrap-around cabinetry is unique and causes this kitchen to sizzle.

A bedroom to most people is the provision of a private sanctuary for relaxation, comfort and recuperation and this is what this bedroom in this design scheme portrays. From the idyllic wall painting above the bed head to the plush patterned rug, the smooth floors and soft area rug under the bed are perfect and ideal for bare feet.

The views above of the bedroom show organization and a clutter free environment which is paramount to restful nights. It is warmth and coziness all the way, created with the right use of textures and layering.

A truly modern affair, work/study has its place in the dynamics of this bedroom. The floor to ceiling wardrobes look stately and divine and the dark brown wood colour subtly contrasts the book shelf, TV background and console in neutral colours; this enhances calm and character. 

At a very modest 86sqm, the 1 Bedroom Apartment packs so many pockets of functional spaces sure to make it a "palace" for your small family.

If you had a small family and were looking up options for a perfect fitting apartment, would this design be SPOT ON for you? Do leave a comment below!

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing well-being, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside from the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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