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Desire - 1 Bedroom Apartment - Design Scheme 4

  • Nest Admin
  • 22 November 2019

DESIRE – 1 Bedroom Apartment

Design Scheme 4 [DS4]

Our 1-Bedroom Apartments, no doubt, make the most of compact spaces while taking appreciation of the essence and value of a Home to its occupants. The "1-Bed" DESIRE Design Scheme 4 takes creativity infused with functionality to a whole new level, by the creation of a coordinated style that extends throughout the entire home. We are always quick to draw to attention the `myth`understanding that a "palace" cannot be made out of a 1-Bedroom Apartment and how once again you`d get to see how untrue this is as with the case with Design Scheme 4.

The spatial arrangement of the scheme evoke a feeling of walking through your own slice of paradise.... A true Home. 

House Type – 1 Bedroom Apartment

House Type – 1 Bedroom Apartment

The smart space-saving solutions found throughout the home starts with the compact living room arrangement which sets the standard for a modern layout. Simplicity and elegance is the underlying theme. The unique cherry wood wall cabinet with cream-coloured ledges as flanks transforms the TV wall; and the potted plants on both sides give it a sense of perfection. 

The swanky design of the settee/sofas with the dazzling center rug makes the space a show stopper making the living space feel more homey and lived-in.

The aesthetics of this space revolves around the stylish colourful furniture. The walls and vertical elements are toned down brilliantly - monochrome wall art and warm wood door and niche with shelves.

More smart saving solutions are utilized here - carving out an unobtrusive work-station in this compact situation is smart. The work space features plenty of extra storage to minimize the need for a larger desk and the niche with shelves on the side can also double as a display for decorative items. 

The kitchen is essentially minimalist. Yes, because sometimes, LESS is MORE. The deep brown colour of the cabinetry is enhanced by the toned down wall and floor finishes.

The kitchen boasts of some clever features - a tucked-in dining spot of its own, extra storage white cabinets above the also tucked-in standing refrigerator; demonstrating how creative constraints can lead to inspiring ideas.    

The bedroom area feels much more spacious than it really is as a result of smart organization – wardrobes with doors, niches for storage and display and little movable furniture.  

The bedroom, although not expansive, employs the use of light colors, simple patterns and textures to make the room look a bit larger than it really is and eliminates unnecessary visual clutter. Indeed, sometimes luxury comes in small packages!

At a very modest 86sqm, the 1 Bedroom Apartment packs so many pockets of functional spaces sure to make it a "palace" for your small family.

If you had a small family and were looking up options for a perfect fitting apartment, would this design be SPOT ON for you? Do leave a comment below!

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing well-being, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside from the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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Be INSPIRED to own a HOME designed to your TASTE!


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