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Ceiling Design Options Perfect For Your Home - Part 2

  • Nest Admin
  • 17 March 2020

This is a continuation of our helpful guide on choosing the perfect ceiling finish for your home. We shared in our previous article, POP ceilings along with its pros and cons. If you haven’t read that, speedily do so now here. We are sure you will find it a treasure trove.

In this week's article. This week, we will cover wooden ceilings.


Wooden ceilings are undoubtedly the most elegant of all false ceilings and give a natural, timeless beauty unmatched by any other material. Architects and Interior designers turn to wood when they want to bring a unique richness, style and texture to a space. Its elegance and sleekness can bring together a powerful classical yet modern look needed to create the ambiance to make any space special.

Wooden ceilings provide a range of colours and patterns that no material offers and which makes every single piece exclusive.

Wood, as a material, has remarkable beauty, unique texture and grain pattern and this is just one of the reasons why it never loses its popularity. However, when you consider a wood ceiling for one or more rooms in your home, you need to carefully think about several important questions.

Is there enough space? A wooden ceiling looks best in a high room, as it partly steals space. If the height of the room is enough (at least 3 meters) you can choose almost any type of wooden ceiling, but if the ceilings are lower, you will have to think of an alternative. 

If both floor and ceiling are made of wood, Architects and Interior designers recommend darker shades for the floor and light colours for the walls. If the ceiling is made of dark wood or stained in a dark shade, this may create a gloomy atmosphere. Use dark shades in rooms with good lighting, whether natural or artificial, to avoid the feeling that the ceiling is too low.

Wooden ceilings can be done alongside POP ceilings for added beauty and style.


Wood is an insulator; keeps the room warm.
Wooden ceilings are environmentally-friendly and are completely safe for human health. It is organic so one need not worry about toxins and chemical disintegration
Wood is versatile and offers a huge variety of textural solutions which allows you to add character and individuality to any room. It comes in panels, planks, tiles, and depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from many options.
High quality wood is very durable and will retain its original appearance for a long time. If properly maintained, it can last for decades.
The natural insulating properties of wood gives it a powerful advantage compared to alternative materials. It has excellent soundproofing properties and will eliminate irritating noises. In addition, this is one of the materials with highest thermal insulation qualities which means that the temperature in the room is easily maintained.
The visual appeal of wood and its unique beauty, the grain and richness of texture are features that people have appreciated for hundreds of years and although modern industry offers alternatives at a more affordable price, natural wood remains one of the materials with highest aesthetic value.
Wooden boards are manufactured by binding the wooden chips with appropriate adhesives. Wooden boards are available in a variety of forms such as strong, light, stiff and flexible. This variety in forms leads to a variety of applications.


Wooden false ceiling can be very costly. And the price can be a major drawback, depending on the wood species. Rare and exotic species can be really expensive but the market offers many alternatives which are suitable for any budget.
Except properly treated, wooden ceilings are susceptible to termite attacks. Fungi and mould can also appear. 
Wooden ceilings are susceptible to water damage and may warp, crack, or rot, and may not do well under steamy or humid conditions except it undergoes special impregnation.
Wooden ceilings require special protective materials in order to make it less susceptible to fire.
Ceilings made of wood absorb steam and odours and without additional protection, it will change its colour and even deform.

This marks the end of part 2. We`d be talk about one more unique ceiling finish that you should consider using for your Home in our follow-up article! 

Hope you enjoyed the Read!


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