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Blossom - 3 Bedroom with 1B.Q. Terrace Duplex - Design Scheme 6

  • Nest Admin
  • 25 February 2020

BLOSSOM – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

Design Scheme 6 [DS6]

Blossom Design Scheme 6 portrays a concept that highlights delightful ways of making each space unique with fully functional - proportionate furniture, neat layouts and soothing colour schemes. Every member of the family from the toddler, teen and adult, is well catered for and each space is like a breath of fresh air.

House Type – 3Bedroom + 1B.Q. Terrace Duplex

Theground floor hosts spaces in a unique play of colours and textures. The cozyseating arrangement of the living room is spiced up with the adjacent wallrecess of base cabinets which can double as a display console and extrastorage. This opens into the expansive dining- kitchen combo which is verymodern and uplifting. 

House Type – 3Bedroom + 1B.Q. Terrace Duplex

In the upper floor, the spaces become bigger and generous, and the visual perception is mind blowing. The master bedroom and the children’s bedroom fill up the entire upper floor with the intent to make each spacious and free. The use of furniture pieces (both fitted and movable) in the spatial arrangement captures the essence of making a home warm and livable.

The ante room ushers you in with a warm and earthy tone set-up; the wood paneled feature wall matching brilliantly with the brown speckled patterned plush rug while the intricate design of the wall art pieces on the different walls set off a very cool ambiance.

The living room is luxurious and impressive especially with the many plush design elements that abound - the timber console in a wall recess by the side, the neat TV wall furniture, the unique wall ledges hanging on both sides, the wooden wall recess with display partitions; All these turn up the luxe factor here.

The ceiling lighting is accentuated by the recesses in a simple coordinated way. The greyish sofa with the unique arrangement of throw pillows marks out a U-shaped border around the lounge area; the lovely cream center table which matches the lower section of the TV wall furniture is quite nifty. The earthy brown hues on the various surfaces and textures are warm and embracing.

This openplan kitchen with a dining island in marble is a homerun. The setting isconvenient for both a quick dash for breakfast or a more relaxed affair. 

An interesting feature in this dining-kitchen combo is the ceiling drop above the dining island which is made of warm wood with soft ambient lighting emitting from the top of the drop. The beige marble flooring matches the marble diner creating an elegant and refined look.

Thechoice of marble on the island and back-splash takes minimalism to a differentlevel with a quaint appeal. The back-splash sections the duo-tonedcabinetry effortlessly while the storage space is abundant, thereby keeping clutter minimal.

This transitional style of this master bedroom creates a soothing ambiance that is well suited for a place of rest and comfort. The choice of furniture and other design elements is simple while the luscious Persian rug captures the eye adding contrast and a touch of vintage flair to the sleek surfaces that surround it.

The wood paneling of the TV wall is repeated in the opposite bed frame wall creating a seamless tied-in look. The cherry wood detail of the two step ledge above the TV is repeated at the center of the cream TV console tying the sleek look together.

Thisis another transitional styled bedroom for the young ones of the house with theunderstanding that growth and change is inevitable. A large portion of timespent in this room will be for hanging out and seeing friends - either in reallife or video chat - and studying. 

A cornerof the bedroom is designated for the computer space and workspace, withbookshelves installed into the wall above; while another corner is for hangingout and TV.  Creative wall art brings areal hipness to an otherwise plain wall and becomes a source of inspiration forthe growing mind.

To give privacy and individuality to the young ones, this bedroom is sectioned/ zoned. Looking more like retreats but with colourful elements and textures, the bedroom becomes a fun place and feels like home.

The passion for detailed design translates into Blossom Design Scheme 6 and can easily be seen in how our design team laid out the spaces and in the choice of the interior elements. 

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you see your family loving this architectural masterpiece?

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing wellbeing, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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Be INSPIRED to own a HOME designed to your TASTE!


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