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Blossom - 3 Bedroom with 1B.Q. Terrace Duplex - Design Scheme 4

  • Nest Admin
  • 30 July 2019

BLOSSOM – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

Design Scheme 4 [DS4]

If your weakness is touches of rich textures, a near-theatrical appeal, and strong tones to assert dominance, you just might have hit gold with Blossom Design Scheme 4. In an artful twist, this 228sqm slice of luxury brings together hard lines, captivating geometric decor and, the most exciting of it all, good lighting into one absolutely beautiful home interior.

Take a full tour of this home, soak in all the luxurious goodness that comes with it, and let the sophistication seep in.


House Type – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

A look at the ground floor layout above gives a restful tone to the entire layout. From the layout as seen above, you can feel the tastefulness this home exudes. Right from the ante-room, you are met with a private space, with the visitor’s toilet tucked away at the corner. 

The beauty of this home blooms as you step through the doorway into the space interconnecting the living room, kitchen, guest room and stair hall.


House Type – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

A 3-dimensional “cut” through the floor layout gives an even better glimpse of the beautifully laid out spaces that make up the ground floor. From the private 2-person light breakfast and coffee seating next to the large glass windows that overlook the scenery, to the very relaxed living room setting, the tone is set for modern guest entertaining. The kitchen and dining are merged stylishly in the same space while the en-suite guest bedroom is tucked nicely to the far right of the layout. Simply beautiful!

House Type – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

On the first floor, the best of luxury is at play. Two large bedrooms and a family lounge spread out on this floor are sure to give for the occupants of this home the comfort they deserve.  At the top-left of the layout, a nifty study area has been carved out for quiet meditation and a comfy home-office.

House Type – 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Terrace Duplex

This cut-plane view of the first floor plan further accentuates the beauty in the upper floor of this tastefully finished home. From the stair hall, the floor spreads out into a cozy and private family lounge; with large comfy bedrooms flanking either side of it. Within the bedrooms, the spaces are laid effectively with great aesthetic appeal and utmost functionality. The setting is absolutely sublime! 

Stepping into this home from the anteroom, the coloured throw pillows against the dark grey cashmere sofa sets the tone for a warm welcome. The large framed photograph of an elephant on the wall exudes a feeling of valour and dignified presence.

This soft mood is sharply contrasted by the hard lines on the hexagonal shaped wall elements that can double as a figurine and family portrait display. The polished brown teak slats room dividers stand gloriously by the left, with the footing adorned in White Sea pebbles, creating an entryway into the rest of this beautiful home.

The mood lighting in the anteroom is such that it feels secluded and private; perfect for entertaining the brief guest. The interplay of tones of brown, black, grey and white is the perfect scenery for a smooth discussion.

The ceiling design within this space does well to introduce depth and interesting lighting and shadow interplay. The dark-patterned rug then does a beautiful job of tying this all in. 

Stepping into the living area, your attentionis immediately caught by the rich mulberry velvet sectional sofa sitting acrosswith such a commanding presence that it alone defines the entire room. The trioof beautifully lit abstract painting in the background with generous splashesof warm hues (such as red and orange) against the dark grey wall creates theperfect backdrop for this exquisite sectional sofa.

The shadow-play created by the ceilingrecesses make a beautiful repetition that suggests consistency and sets thetone for a small private evening soiree - nothing over the top. Lighting andshadow are an intricate part of this interior and blends beautifully well withthe ambience of the ante-room. Amazing...

Sitting on the sectional sofa, you have a quick and clear view of the ante-room. The sturdy white painted wooden and concrete center table is the ideal place to set down your cup of hot coffee - but oh, make sure to use a coaster. That`s a premium furniture piece right there!

The TV console stands out in white, picking off the colour of the center table, with niches carved out for storage and display. In the corner, you get a glimpse of the kitchen peninsula, creating a sense of continuity through the entertainment area of this lovely home.

It’s beautiful how everything in this livingroom has been brought together. From the larger hard-to-miss features to thevery minute details, this is a home you can see yourself stretching out tofully take in a good whiff of the ethereal and earthy amber-scented fragrancethat fills the air. Your display of figurines, vintage car decor and scentedcandle collections go right on the little ledge behind the sectional sofa - notshy from admiring guest’s eyes. 

Notice how the patterns on the center rug introduce soft visual dynamism into space, much like the ripples on a lazy lake. The glass cabinet by the left then ties it all in a pristine contemporary composition. This is indeed a home full of haute decor.

A detour to the kitchen promises contemporary and functional living. This galley kitchen has utmost functionality factored into its design with the sink comfortably positioned in between the meal prep and storage areas. The marble flooring does well to tie in this modern “food mine”.

The dining area is right opposite the preparation area, with glass panel storage cabinets positioned right above. Just imagine the kids having a quick “breaky” here before rushing off to school. “Don’t miss the bus, kids!”

The wall on this side of the kitchen is completely lined with storage spaces, only broken by the carrara marble kitchen backsplash. The choice of polished walnut cabinets in combination with the off-white overhead storage cabinets give a distinct appeal to this kitchen. The stainless steel highlights add a modern twist to the mix.

The subtle nature of the kitchen abounds,especially with this view. The decor tilts towards minimalism as a playful wallclock dominates the plain white wall. The refrigerator stands tall right nextto the kitchen peninsula; the stash of groceries inside the fridge being justwithin arm’s reach at breakfast.

Right behind the dining, you can get a glimpseof the staircase leading upstairs, hinting at glamorous private livingupstairs. The anticipation builds...

A final broad view of this homely kitchen allows us to fully appreciate the interplay of materials, textures and lighting going on in here. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Right before we explore the upper floor, we find the Guest Bedroom sitting pretty right next to the staircase (see ground floor plan/layout). The design of this space resonates with the rest of the home. The painting right above the headboard shows a pretty cityscape in Black & White filter.

The bookshelf in the corner shows a love and quest for knowledge. The study desk is positioned right next to the bookshelf, creating a cozy space to easily lose oneself within the pages of a beautiful book. The bedroom rug sits reserved in its grey colours, reinforcing the tranquil undertone of the space. The TV console provides more-than-adequate storage and display spaces.

Now we explore the upper floor!

Moving upstairs, the walls of the staircase are lined with beautiful works of artistic photography, framed in contemporary striking thin black frames, and visually highlighted with the showroom-like spotlighting. This is a great place to display your wall art collection.

The family lounge welcomes with open arms, the milk and brown floor mat visually mapping the island of fun and family. The stage is set for a healthy gaming contest; a great place for family bonding. The sleek planter carries the natural persona of the green plants. 

Right next to the family lounge, you’ll find the exclusive study area. It is complete with ample shelving, comfy seating as well as a work desk brought alive with strong black & white photography collection. Right next to the desk area, soft subtle day lighting seeps into this beautiful space.

The study is a great place to meditate and cook up great ideas for the next big move! The walls offer a canvass to display exquisite art and photography collections, helping to set a tranquil mood within the study. 

And here comes the grand Master Bedroom! Beauty. Class. Richness.

Dark tones and intense textures dominate this bedroom, with strong lines flanking the bed from all angles. The super-comfy bed, with its luxurious and dark textures are the focus in this bedroom. Right above, the ceiling recess creates a visual halo around this magnificent sleeping space.

Beautiful photography collections adorn the walls and add to the visual intensity of this room. The large framed photograph of the horse adds a colourful red accent to an otherwise subtle, rich and dark room. 

The white TV console against the dark oak boiserie (wood paneling) doubles as a dresser fashionably set with a contemporary twist to it.   At the end of the room, the large window frames are shaded by soft beautiful drapery. The door to the far left exits into the balcony where you can soak up the setting evening sun and the lovely skyline in the horizon.

The electric feeling of power within this space is most felt as you approach the bed. Lights bounce off the surface, creating shadows and tones that further accentuate the mood around it. 

By the right is a beautiful niche defined by long continuous strokes of the wooden panel groove which run overhead across the ceiling, further enhancing the beauty of this bedroom. To the right, the shelves are replete with storage spaces that hold books, study material, art and other things of interest for the head of this Home. Truly Grand!

Aha! The generous closet space lies beyond the TV console, the cabinet doors glistening in pure brilliance as the lighting sets the perfect mood for an evening dress-up. The wall storage units are perfect for storing some really fine shoe and bag collections; Versace and Hermes will look good against the dark oak, don’t you think? It’ll sure look wonderful on display! 

The Master Bathroom is an absolute beauty to behold!

The contrasting shades and patterns of the carrara and emperador marble worked wonders on the walls of this space, giving it a much-desired luxurious look. The wall-hung water closet, as well as the double sink vanity, maintains a contemporary look in this space. 

The other bedroom across the upper floor is not left out in this galore of exquisite grandeur. Flanked by dark contemporary bedside lamps, this bed is set with rich textures and colours just in tune with the master bedroom. The leather upholstery comes with its brisk and striking character, giving the space a look of high taste.   

The dark oak boiserie (i.e. wood paneling) holds the TV console and right off the corner, close to the door, sits a wooden storage space - perfect for displays as well. The generous use of striking features in this space speaks volumes and further defines its character, and in turn, its occupant.

This space is indeed a beauty as the strong lines of the framed photographs crown the headboard. On the adjacent wall, ample wardrobe space is housed in oak cabinetry. The dresser is centered within the niche created here, and the large mirror truly lets you escape into your very own “me-world”. 

From the textures to the lines, to the colourchoices, to the lighting design, this beautiful home is well thought out andreally sets the stage for the strong personality of the homeowner. The artlover or the tasteful design-inclined homeowner with an inclination towardsupscale living will certainly find this home warming and intriguing.

The Blossom series is crafted for the lover ofelaborate designs and exquisite beauty. However, the Blossom Scheme 4 stealsour hearts in its complete space layout, and graceful use of textures andlighting to evoke the “wow” factor. It is a home bathed in style and luxury.

How do you find this home? Perfect for your to-die-forcollections? Let us know in the comments below! (and don’t forget to get intouch. We love to read your thoughts)

At the Nest Homes, we believe that the way spaces are designed and interconnected to each other in a Home go a long way in enhancing well-being, convenience and livelihood for YOU and Family. This INSPIRES us to create spaces that offer such advantages and at the same time match your individual personality and style.

We believe aside from the obvious financial returns on investment you get from owning a Home, You deserve one (in design, style and finish) that is unique to YOU.

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