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6 Perfect Floor Types Just Right For Your Home

  • Nest Admin
  • 18 February 2020

When it comes to home interiors, people building their first home often experience analysis paralysis with experts sometimes giving varying and even sometimes conflicting information. One of such decisions home-owners (and intending home-owners) have to make is what floor type to use for their homes.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be confusing for you. In this new series, we will walk you through 6 perfect floor types you can use for your home along with their pros and cons. What we intend at the end of this series is to make an expert of you with regards to flooring.

In this first article, we’ll walk you through two types of flooring: Hardwood and Ceramic Tiles. Let’s get to it.


Hardwood floor is popular because it gives a warm and classic ambiance to a space. However, hardwood floors do not do well with rough treatment or moisture. 

Installation of hardwood floors are about as simple as you can get. Hardwood boards are simply nailed to a wooden sub-floor. Hardwood floors are made from a variety of wood types including oak, maple, or purple heart. It is often advisable you go for factory-finished hardwood boards or planks.


Hardwood floors look great in almost every home style. They are easy to clean and require just sweeping and mopping- with an occasional polishing to keep their shine. They last long and can be re-finished several times over their life span if they are scratched. These types of floors can also increase the resale value of your Home.


Hardwood floors do not do well in spaces with high foot traffic and constant furniture being moved. They also do not do well in places with a higher than average chance of liquid spills- like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are actually the most popular in Nigeria and are available in majority of homes. They are, arguably, the best option for bathrooms, but homeowners routinely use it in every room.

Their vast colour and style options make them the most versatile flooring material and they can be made to imitate the look of other flooring types. They are also the most durable, requiring minimal maintenance.
There are four main types- Terracotta, Quarry, Porcelain and Glazed Ceramic.


Ceramic tiles come in many colours, shapes, and patterns, so they fit in with any style of home. They are the most durable of flooring and are mostly resistant to scratches, moisture, dents etc and are easy to clean. They are also relatively cheap.


Ceramic tiles often amplify footsteps from shoes. With the exception of Quarry tiles, which have a rough finish to make them more slip-resistant than their glazed versions, these tiles are usually slippery underfoot.

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This marks the end of part 1. We`d be sharing more on 4 other Floor types that you should consider using for your Home in our follow-up article! 

Hope you enjoyed the Read!


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